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This is what our feet look like when we are born. Perfect! What happens from there - well you know! The Pilates Stance is used in most of the exercises we do, and it's the go-to position for a reason! It's Amazing! It can be done standing, sitting or lying down. Putting the heels together and toes slightly apart, the heels immediately connect to the sitz bone. This allows you to wrap your thighs from the hips inward, so the inside of your legs meet. Pilates 1st position helps you find your center, gain better control of your posture and strengthen your feet. Check from a standing position! See below:

1. Are you standing straight?

2. Is your Pelvis in line with your heels, pointing straight down?

3. Are your shoulders back in line with your ears, are your ribs softened?

4. Is your head straight and chin slightly lifted?

Your feet are your body's structural foundation, they support the legs, spine, arms and head. Problems with your feet will eventually affect your body. To start taking better care of them, add these five simple stretches into your day, barefoot.

1. Sit on a chair with both feet on the floor. Place a tennis ball under one foot, and write out the Alphabet.

2. Toe Curls - Same position, gently curl your toes in and release.

3. Stretch and hold - With feet flat on the floor, spread the toes and release.

4.Towel Stretch - Place a hand towel under one foot, and draw the towel in with your toes.

Doing these exercises will help you develop the muscles that support your arches and protect your feet.

To make sure you are on the right track, come to my Pilates Studio and take a mat class or a private session!

Getting the right corrections can make the difference in your results!

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