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Spring officially came on March 20th, so out with the cold and in with the gradual warmer temperatures! When you warm up your body, you are increasing your body temperature and metabolism. You are also increasing your blood circulation, which properly prepares your body to execute your movements in class.Also,when your body temperature increases, you lubricate your joints and increase the blood flow to the muscles.That means less stress on the joints and tendons, flexible joints require less energy to move through and stretch further.Breathing increases so that oxygen is more available to the increased muscle activity.More blood going to the muscles along with with more oxygen made available to the working muscles, increases flexibility, range of motion and lengthening of the muscles. The hemoglobin in our blood also releases oxygen easier at a higher temperature with more oxygen made available to the working muscles. This all increases your physical performance and works towards decreasing resistance in muscle tissue during your workout while increasing blood and nutrients. See you Mat Class or take a private session with me.


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