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In The Pilates Method, the exercises are executed with focused concentration. It is the mind that guides the body. We center the mind with the body in action, by being in the present moment. As you become more mindful of each body movement, you will gain optimum physical value from each movement, as well as enhance your body to help trigger endorphins, which improve the prioritizing functions of the brain. Your brain remembers more when your body is active. Concentration is the action or power of focusing one's attention or mental effort. It's the conscious control of a movement which enhances your body awareness. When the work is done from the center and with full concentration, you are in control of the movement being performed.

Connect with the source of your power! Keep your mind in the room and on what you are doing. If you get distracted, come back to center. The more you practice focus, the more easily your mind will return to it. See you at Mat Class, to further explore The Classical/Authentic Pilates Method. Saturdays 8:30 A.M.



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