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Let's Find Your Center

Stand up straight! If you think of a pedestal sink filled with water, picture it as your pelvis. It's perfectly shaped on all sides evenly. Put your two index fingers on either side of each hip bone. In the front, where the pelvis is, stretch the thumbs, reaching out to the back. Is your bowl tilting forward, allowing the water to spill out? Is it tilting back, pouring water out that way? Or are you tilting to the left or right, allowing the water to come out either side? This is a good way to determine where your pelvis is. It should be level like the sink. To get it straight, just stand and, lifting your two hip bones slightly, engage your tummy (1/4 inch only) - no pelvic tilting. Your pelvis area should point straight down between your ankles. Think about it mindfully and make the effort to correct your position. Pilates is muscle memory, so making that change throughout your day will ensure you are on your way to working your center/powerhouse, whether standing, sitting or walking. Always come back to center maximize the mind/body connection.

posture diagram

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