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Hypermobility means your joints are more flexible, that the person has a range of movement capable of going beyond the normal range. Strengthening the joints is extremely important and Pilates is the perfect total body conditioning system to accomplish that, gain stability, knowledge and control of the body. In Pilates we never push any exercise into the end range of the joint. Staying in control of your range of motion is important to preserve the joints and prevent overuse, which can cause pain, inflammation and fatigue over time. Pilates stabilizes muscles, the ones that are deep inside the body surrounding the various joints, in the shoulders, pelvis, hips, and the spine. When you overstretch the muscles surrounding your joints, you compromise joint stability and integrity, making yourself more susceptible to injury. In Pilates we don't use or hold poses. Pilates uses continuous movement, which develops strength and flexibility at the same time. Come to one of my Mat Class and start an exercise program that will focus you and allow you to use your mind and body, get control of your breath and make the changes you want to make.

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