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One of the first changes you'll notice in your body when using correct posture is that Pilates lengthens and strengthens - you will look taller and leaner and it will be noticeable, but that is just the beginning. Once you incorporate the total body and mind conditioning system, the results will speak for themselves.

Here is a great way to start working on it:

Pilates Stance

1. Stand straight and tall, with your shoulders down and pulled back in line with your ears.

2. When standing keep your heels together, toes apart about the size of your fist between the feet.

3. Put most of the weight on the balls of the foot, leaning slightly forward; don't let your arches collapse inward.

4. Keep your knees soft and slightly bent, so you don't hyper-extend.

5. Feel the backs of your legs drawing towards each other, (as in meeting each other) not a muscle tightness but more of a wrapping.

6. Allow your inner thighs to lengthen and stretch upward into your pelvic floor, keep your core and back muscles engaged and lifted.

7. Let your arms hang naturally down the sides of the body.

Although it sounds like a lot, it's a very good way to make several changes in the body at the same time. Join one of my mat classes or private sessions and see how Authentic & Classically trained instruction will help get you inside your body. Be sure to subscribe to my blog to get my weekly updates!

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