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Movement in Pilates is made possible because of the way that muscles, tendons and ligaments work together. Muscle is tissue that can contract and relax to cause movement. Tendons are strong fibrous flexible connective tissue that join muscles to bone. Ligaments connect bone to bone and help to stabilize the joints they surround. Ligaments are elastic, so they can be stretched and gradually lengthened, increasing flexibility. Don't stretch them beyond a certain point, or too much too soon, as they can become overstretched and compromise the integrity of the joint.

Pilates is a deep form of exercise that starts on the inside, so the tendons & ligaments are utilized from the beginning. How do you nourish them to keep them strong? Vitamin C generates collagen to keep ligaments and tendons strong. Protein and calcium are also important nourishment. Muscles move the body by contracting against the skeleton. Muscle contractions stimulate your tendons and ligaments to become stronger and grow in thickness. It takes time! These connective tissues are less metabolically active than muscle. All the more reason to cultivate, exercise and nourish them properly from the start. Pilates builds strength and endurance, it's a form of exercise that requires duration of muscle tension and efficiency. Perfect for stimulating muscle growth! Check out my Blog and try my Saturday 8:30 a.m. Mat Class.

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