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Yes, Pilates will benefit your emotional health, you will notice it and feel it. The smooth, steady movement quiets your mind and soothes your nervous system. As you lengthen and strengthen your muscles, you will improve your circulation and dissolve tension away. Each workout will leave you feeling calm, balanced and rejuvenated. One of the psychological benefits of Pilates is that it has a significant positive impact on your self esteem. Once you see the changes in your body, your confidence will go up too. Pilates teaches you about yourself, it's very important to learn about your strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Good self knowledge is the key to proper body-mind connection; the balance between them isn't always easy to find but with increased focus and proper breathing, you can enhance your mindfulness, increase relaxation, uplift your mood and decrease stress. Find a structured class taught by a certified instructor that will introduce this to you and much more.

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