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Yes, there is no doubt it definitely changes your body! Doing a regular Pilates workout with a certified instructor is one of the best ways to tone and change the shape of your body while making your muscles stronger, leaner and longer. Pilates is a functional training form of exercise that is focused on technique and form in a low-impact, moderate to high-intensity form. It utilizes every area in the body with a heavy focus on the core and deep stabilizing muscles, while minimizing the load on your body's joints. Not only will you tone your muscles through Pilates, but also over time you will notice your body becomes more svelte and lean with increased flexibility. Pilates helps to build different kinds of muscles than lifting weights; it will help create a stronger inner and outer frame. Pilates focuses on loading the muscle to a level that can be maintained for a longer period of time. It's an endurance form of exercise that works, and it can be beneficial either alone or added to your current workout.

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