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Athletes have taken advantage of muscle memory for decades. Exercise scientists have been studying it just as long, But you don't need to be an Olympian or have a Ph.D to know how to reap the rewards. "Muscle memory is an informal way of referring to the acquisition of automatic and coordinated motor skills, and does not involve the muscles actually remembering anything. The memories are stored in the brain," according to former professor Paul King. Motor learning relies on muscle memory. Repetition is the key to transferring muscle memory from short term to long-term memory; Pilates relies on muscle, motor and cognitive memory, all of which rely on repetition. Proper technique will ensure the right muscles are working. Remember the Mind tells the Body what to do to take advantage of that; in your routines, focus mentally on the exercise you are doing,don't leave the room & take your mind elsewhere, and always to come back to center and continue. Practice correct form because your muscles will remember incorrect form just as easily as correct form. Get the results you're looking for by taking responsibility & focusing on your routine. Don't give up!! Find an instructor with integrity who teaches with those principles. It's the compatibility & both minds going in the same direction that achieve the desired results.

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