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One of the most important reasons to maintain proper form during your exercise routine is to get results and prevent injury. If the body is not aligned or is misaligned, it can place the tendons, muscles and joints in a position that can cause strain, wear and tear. Using proper technique and form means performing a movement to increase strength and flexibility, it's being aware of what you are doing to achieve the best results. Doing each exercise with correct form uses the full potential of the body in a perfect way to stimulate new muscle growth. Exercising with proper form insures that the body is stressed properly, so that it will respond and adapt in the best way possible. The result is that strength, power and muscular endurance improves.

If your form is incorrect, you waste a lot more energy on stabilization, because the body is trying to protect you from injury. If you learn to execute the exercise in the incorrect way, you increase the time needed to achieve your goal. Proper form places the body in its strongest position. Improper form causes you to expend unnecessary energy to compensate for a less efficient movement. And don't forget to breathe properly! Improper breathing will mean less oxygen you're taking in and less carbon dioxide you're exhaling, the cells won't get the adequate amount of oxygen, and you will fatigue sooner.

Finally, to help heal the body after a great workout, eat smart by adding protein! Rest and recover longer if needed, it will go a long way to ensuring the body repairs itself properly before your next session. Add your email to the bottom of my blog page on my website to get my weekly updates!

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