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Nourishment is so much more than eating right. At the end of each day, what really matters is that you have nourished your body and mind with food, movement and self care. Allow yourself to take time, to do the things that interest you and feed your soul.

1. Get in touch with yourself and keep track of your energy levels throughout the day. Figure out how to keep your energy up and what's taking it away. Food and water are both important fuel for our energy levels.

2. Listen to your Body and what it's telling you! Nourish it in all the ways that are good for you.

3. Get in in touch with your emotions. Writing down what’s on your mind can solve a lot of the mystery.

4. Exercise! Find a exercise class with a knowledgeable instructor who motivates you to make the changes that are needed, who educates you and gives constructive feedback for improvement. If you find that, you have found a great teacher.

5. Make time for yourself! It's good to put yourself first sometimes.

6. At the end of your day, try taking a bath; it’s amazing for healing and nurturing your body and mind.

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