March 7, 2019

The main focus of The Pilates Method starts from and is sustained through The Center. Joseph Pilates called this center your"Powerhouse." We work around the center line. Two straight lines, one from shoulder to shoulder and one from hip to hip, form the frame or box.Th...

February 3, 2019

This is what our feet look like when we are born. Perfect! What happens from there - well you know! The Pilates Stance is used in most of the exercises we do, and it's the go-to position for a reason! It's Amazing! It can be done standing, sitting or lying down. Puttin...

January 10, 2019

As a Pilates instructor, I know the importance of good posture. Pilates is a mind-body form of exercise that is great for improving posture and giving long lasting relief from pains, strains, and much more. Here are some pointers on how to get there!...

December 7, 2018

Lateral breathing is used in Pilates - it keeps the abdominal muscles engaged, which helps to stabilize your core.

To get in rhythm of your breathing during your workouts, start to breathe through your nose. Here are some tips:

1. Each breath you take should go in and ou...

September 7, 2018

The focus and purpose of breathing correctly in Pilates is important, not only to isolate your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, but also the trunk and  body awareness.  The breathing helps to relax tight, tense muscles, relieve tension and help the mind to focus on...

July 22, 2018

The Powerhouse muscles start at the bottom of your ribs and run down to the top of the hip and all the way to the bottom of your pelvis.  The six main muscles that create the Powerhouse are:

1.  Transverse Abdominal Muscle is the muscle layer of the anterior and lateral...

June 6, 2018

Developed by the legendary Joseph Pilates, The Method is a physical and mental conditioning for power and flexibility and is accessible to anyone. This is an exercise program that uses your entire body and rewards you with the suppleness of a trained dancer, restoring...

June 5, 2018

Stand up straight! If you think of a pedestal sink filled with water, picture it as your pelvis. It's perfectly shaped on all sides evenly.  Put your two index fingers on either side of each hip bone. In the front, where the pelvis is, stretch the thumbs, reaching out...

June 4, 2018

CENTERING:  The main focus of The Method starts from and is sustained through The Center. Joseph Pilates called this Center your "Powerhouse." We work around the Center Line.  Two straight lines, one from shoulder to shoulder and one from hip to hip, form The FRAME or...

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